3 Health Benefits of Roller Skating

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roller skate for fitnessRoller skating is a fun social activity for adults and kids alike, but that’s just the beginning. This timeless activity is also a great form of exercise that has many health benefits! Read on to find out how a trip to our Lewisville skating rink can help you get fit.

Aerobic workout without the joint stress

Rollerskating at speeds of 10 or more miles per hour provides an aerobic workout equal to running! However, while running can be hard on your joints, roller skating is low-impact, making it a better choice for people with joint injuries. Even a more leisurely skating pace can burn substantial calories in the course of an hour.

Strength-building benefits of roller skating

Did you know that your roller skating habit is actually building muscle? Holding yourself up and propelling yourself forward on skates engages the muscles of your core and lower body, as well as improving your balance.

Roller skating can help you lose weight

The endurance, aerobic, and muscle-toning effects of inline or quad roller skating can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight level. In fact, just 25 minutes of roller skating three times a week can burn up to 750 calories!

It’s obvious that roller skating is a great form of exercise, whether you are just starting to get active or are a dedicated athlete who wants to change up your routine. As an added bonus, skating with us at our Mid-Cities skating rink can even combine exercise with socializing if you bring your friends or book a party! And of course, being able to exercise without venturing out into the sweltering Texas heat is always a good thing.

If you are ready to start roller skating, visit Interskate Roller Rink today! Our Lewisville, Texas roller rink offers fun for the whole family, so check out our schedule to see times and special events. 

Photo by Simone Ramella via Flickr CC 2.0

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