Basic Roller Skating Moves: Learn to T-Stop

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roller skating techniqueWhether you’re completely new to roller skating or just want to brush up on your skills, we can help you learn to skate with style at our Lewisville roller skating classes. Once you learn some basic techniques, you’ll be able to really enjoy skating and even begin to experiment with more adventurous moves! Take a look at some tips for mastering one of the most important roller skating skills- stopping!

How to stop on roller skates

There are a few basic ways to stop your momentum on roller skates. You can always drop a toe, allowing the toe stop on the end of your skate to stop you, but this method is not recommended. Someone might rip over your extended ankle, injuring the other skater or yourself. Instead, beginning skaters should learn to T-stop. So how does this roller skating move work?

Learning to T-stop

One of the easiest stops to learn, the T-stop is as simple as the name implies. Here’s how to execute this move:

  • Start skating slowly straight ahead.
  • When you are ready to stop, shift your weight to one foot.
  • Lift the other foot and angling your toes outward, away from your body, so that the foot is perpendicular to your skating foot.
  • Lower the perpendicular foot onto the floor about a foot behind the weight-bearing foot, so that all 4 wheels are making contact with the ground. The drag will cause you to come to a stop.

To see this method in action, take a look at the video below.

Are you ready to improve your skating skills? Come visit us at our Lewisville, Texas skating rink to enjoy this healthy activity in an air-conditioned setting with great music, food, and fun!

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