Types of Roller Skates

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Vanilla speed skatesIf you’re used to just renting skates at the roller rink whenever you go skating, you may not have thought much about the different types of skates. However, once you’re ready to buy a pair of skates of your own, you’ll realize that there are many different options in both quad and inline skates. So which type of skate is right for you? Read on to learn the differences between different types of skates, and which ones will work best for you.

Recreational Skates

If you just want to do some leisurely skating at your local skating rink or outside in your neighborhood, choose a skate with a high-top boot. For indoor skating on a smooth roller rink floor, you’ll need harder, narrower wheels, while outdoor skating requires wider, softer (or grippier) wheels to accommodate rough surfaces.┬áIn order to ensure a great fit for your skates, visit a skate shop or shoe store to have your foot measured. Searching for closeout deals will help you get a great skate for a great price.

Speed Skates

Speed skates feature a low-cut boot with a strap across the instep, providing ankle support. Inline skates are a popular option, and the design lends itself to skating fast in a straight line. However, if you want a more general purpose skate that allows for speed but is still appropriate for session skating, quad roller skates are the way to go.

Artistic Skates

If you wish to do artistic skating, figure skating, freestyle skating, or dance skating, you’ll need to look for a skate that is extremely lightweight and has soft, grippy wheels. Artistic skating requires a rigid, tall boot in order to support the ankle when executing jumps. However, if you are dance skating, you will want a leather boot that is more flexible in the ankle.

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Photo: Vanilla Grape-Ade Quad Speed Skates

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