Roller Skating For Beginners

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roller skating in north TexasRoller skating can be a little intimidating at first. Not only are you trying to stay upright, but there are more skilled skaters zooming around you. Fortunately for north Texas residents who want to learn how to roller skate, InterSkate is the ideal skating rink!  Our north Texas skate center is great for beginners for three reasons:

2 Skating Rinks

Yes, you read that right. We actually have two skating rinks to cater to all skill levels. While we usually talk about our 80′ by 180′ maple rotunda skate floor that can accommodate over 1,000 skaters, we actually have another, smaller skating area as well. This small space is there to help new skaters get a little steadier on their feet before heading out to the main floor.

Dallas Roller Skating Classes

We also offer skate lessons for all ages and skill levels here at InterSkate! Every Saturday we have advanced skating classes at 8am and beginner classes at 9 am. No registration is necessary, and the skate classes cost just $3 including skate rental. Whether you want to learn the basics of roller skating, introduce your child to the sport, or hone your skate skills so you can bust a move with the best of them, our fun and laid-back classes are the perfect place to start.

World’s Largest Skate Shop

Having the right equipment can make all the difference when you’re learning to skate. In addition to our rental skates, we are also home to the world’s largest retail roller skate shop, where you can find a great pair of skates and everything you need to get started. Come let us fit your for skate boots to ensure a proper fit. We can also advise you on the best skate wheels and safety equipment to match your skill level, size, and other factors to ensure you get the very best roller skating experience at InterSkate and beyond.

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