Tips for Planning a Fundraising Event in Dallas

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donations for charityIf you are involved with a local charity organization in North Texas, you know how important- and challenging- fundraising can be. There are so many people in DFW making a difference, and InterSkate can help! Now that the holiday giving season is approaching, it is a great time to plan a fundraiser to benefit your favorite charity. Read on for some helpful tips on planning a successful fundraiser, and give us a call today to book your special event!

Identify the purpose of the event

What is the purpose of your charity event? Is it to raise awareness, reach a new demographic, raise donations, or a combination of multiple goals?

Set a fundraising goal

Planning a successful event can get expensive if you don’t have a clear budget in mind. It’s important to know your fundraising goal so you can make wise decisions about where to allocate your resources and get the most bang for your buck. One of the benefits of hosting a roller skating fundraiser is the cost- our Lewisville skating rink can accommodate over 1,000 skaters and our private skating parties cost far less than most Dallas event venues.

Make it memorable

People have so many demands on their time and on their charity spending, so it’s important to make your event stand out from the crowd. A fun activity like roller skating is sure to get people in the door and put them in a good mood- always a smart way to get those checkbooks open and raise some money for your cause!

If you’re ready to ramp up your fundraising efforts, contact us today!

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