3 Tips for Beginner Skaters

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roller skates at skating rinkHere at InterSkate, we welcome skaters of all skill levels. We not only have a beginner skating area, but also offer weekly roller skating classes to help you improve your skills. If you’re just starting out and are a little unsteady on your skates, check out these 3 roller skating tips for beginners:

Get low- You know what they say, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” In roller skating, you do not want to be standing straight and tall. The proper stance is to bend your knees, keeping your center of gravity lower to the ground and helping you maintain your balance.

Stay wide- Once again, you want to keep your center of gravity low and stable. Keep your legs wide for added stability while you learn. You should also hold your arms out in front of you with your elbows fairly close in to your body. Whatever you do, do not stick your arms out at your sides and do the windmill. Not only will that move end up with you on the ground, but it can also injure the skaters around you.

Learn to fall- If you’re new to roller skating, know that you will almost certainly fall down. However, you can minimize your falls and their severity. Falling on your tailbone can be extremely painful for days afterward, and a broken tailbone will have you sitting on a pillow for months! To avoid this painful fate, learn how to fall properly. If you feel like you are going to tip over, bend your knees and get into a squatting position. Try to fall to one side or the other, and clench your glutes as you do so.

Interested in learning to skate at our weekly roller skating classes? Join us from 9-10 am on Saturdays, and be sure to follow us on Facebook!


Photo by Chad Kainz via Flickr CC 2.0

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