Roller Skating Tips: Improve Balance and Learn to Skate

By January 4, 2014Uncategorized

learning to skate at InterSkate skating rinkJanuary is the start of a new year and an opportunity for new goals and new experiences! If you want to learn something new in 2014, why not learn to roller skate?

Some people think they can’t skate because they don’t have good enough balance and agility. While some people take to the sport more easily than others, don’t give up if you’re initially a bit unsteady on your feet. These tips can help you improve your balance and learn to skate.

  • Figure out which foot is your dominant foot- Time yourself standing on one foot with your right and left foot. Whichever leg you can stand on for the longest time is your dominant leg.
  • Practice balancing! Repeat the stand-on-one-leg test while timing yourself and try to improve your time. Start out holding your raised foot against your ankle, and work your way up as you get steadier. Do twice as many exercises with your non-dominant leg as you do with your dominant leg.
  • Hit the rink– To start off, practice walking like a duck, with your heels close together. Push off with one foot and glide, all the while keeping your knees bent and your center of gravity low.
  • Take a class– Our Saturday roller skating classes are a great way to get started in a low-key environment. Join us Saturdays at 9 am for just $3, including skate rental! Once we help you get the foundations down, you’ll be zooming around the rink in no time.




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