Getting to Know Your Skate Wheels: Indoor vs. Outdoor

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red quad skate wheels

Krypto Route Quad Outdoor Skate Wheels

People who roller skate regularly often decide to buy their own skates (and as the largest retail roller skate shop in the world, we’re more than happy to help), which opens up a world of skating possibilities! If you have your own pair of skates, you’ll not only save money on rental fees when you skate here at our Lewisville skating rink, but you can also enjoy the freedom of skating outdoors.

Just remember that if you do choose to head out on your neighborhood sidewalks or the trails of the local park, you will first need to change your skate wheels. Read on to learn the difference between indoor and outdoor quad skate wheels from your friends at InterSkate.

Indoor skate wheels

Indoor skate wheels are specially formulated to perform well on smooth, indoor skate surfaces like the maple floors found at many skating rinks (including ours!). This type of wheel rolls smoothly yet grips the floor, allowing skaters to safely reach high speeds and navigate turns. However, the formulation that works best on indoor surfaces does not fare so well outdoors. Indoor wheels will wear out very quickly if worn outside, not to mention the fact that they will not roll as smoothly, giving you a rough and bumpy ride!

Outdoor skate wheels

Outdoor skate wheels use a different formulation of polyurethane which gives the wheels some “give” or “rebound.” Outdoor skate wheels are softer, yet their springiness allows them to roll across debris instead of it becoming embedded in the wheel. As you skate across tiny stones, sticks, leaves, and dirt, outdoor wheels will fling the obstacles aside and keep on rolling, providing you with a much smoother, albeit slower, ride. (The softness of outdoor wheels requires that you use more energy pushing off to achieve the same speed as you would on indoor wheels at a skating rink.)

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