Roller Skating Techniques: How to Jump

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roller skater jumping over conesRoller skating at InterSkate Roller Rink is not only good exercise, but also a fun way to hang out with friends. Once you’ve been skating for a while and have built up your confidence, you may want to learn some new moves!

Jumping is a great skill and is also an important move to know if you do other types of roller skating like roller derby or jam skating. Read on for some tips on trying this technique.

Just like regular jumping, jumping on roller skates is all about leveraging the power in your legs. The only difference is that instead of just landing on your feet, you also have to land on your feet while in motion! At first landing while rolling may be challenging, but eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

To jump, first bend your legs and lower your center of gravity while skating forward slowly. Next, try a small jump. When you land, it’s important that both skates touch the ground and that your feet are pointing in the correct direction so that you will land and roll instead of landing and spinning out or falling down. Once you are able to successfully land some small hops, you can start to push yourself, jumping higher or farther. Cones are a great way to practice jumping over things.

If you’re interested in improving your roller skating skills, we can help! Visit our Lewisville skating classes every Saturday here at InterSkate. Advanced classes run from 8-9 am, while beginner and intermediate level classes run from 9-10 am.

Photo by Rev Stan via Flickr CC 2.0

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