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Skating and School: Exercise Helps Kids Excel Academically

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skating-for-exerciseWith kids all over north Texas heading back to school, many parents are wondering how they can help their kids succeed. Encouraging good study habits and teaching time management skills are both important to academic success, but you may be surprised at one of the other proven ways to help your kids excel academically- roller skating!

To be fair, it’s not just roller skating. Exercise in general seems to help kids do better in school.  According to the CDC,

“…physical activity can have an impact on cognitive skills and attitudes and academic behavior, all of which are important components of improved academic performance.”

When kids get enough exercise, they are more able to sit still and pay attention in class, leading to better grades.

How exercise improves cognition

Whether it’s roller skating, climbing the monkey bars, or playing dodge ball, exercise seems to have certain effects on brain function, including:

  • More oxygen reaching the brain
  • More neurotransmitters (the chemicals that transmit signals across synapses)
  • More neurotrophins (proteins that maintain the wellbeing of neurons, the cells that transmit information in your brain.)

How to make physical activity fun

Due to budget cuts, many schools have had to cut their physical education funding, resulting in less physical activity for the students. In the absence of adequate PE classes and recess time, parents are having to step up and ensure their children stay active . So how can you get your kids to put down the remote and get some exercise? Make it fun!

Roller skating at InterSkate roller rink in Lewisville is a great way to get the whole family active and having fun together. There are many health benefits to roller skating, but more importantly (from your kids’ perspective, at least), a trip to the skating rink is simply exciting. Circling a beautiful maple floor under colorful lights with great music? Workouts just don’t get any better than that!

To see what’s coming up at our north Texas skating rink, visit our schedule, take a look at our promotions, and follow us on Facebook.



End of Summer Fun in North Texas: Visit the Roller Rink!

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Lewisville TX family skating rinkStudents in Lewisville, Dallas, Carrollton, Flower Mound, and other North Texas communities will be heading back to school in the next couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean the summer fun is over! Make the most of the last days of summer freedom with an outing to InterSkate Roller Rink.

Our roller rink is the perfect place to escape from the heat and have fun with your kids before they head back to the daily grind of the school year.  We have an 80′ by 180′ maple rotunda skate floor that can accommodate over 1,000 skaters, so you’ll have plenty of room to work on your moves! With hundreds of colorful lights and DJs playing a fun selection of music, the ambiance can’t be beat.

Of course, by this point in the summer you’ve probably heard “We’re hungry!” enough to drive you crazy, but at InterSkate we’ve got you covered. Our extensive snack bar can provide a quick bite or a hot meal, with a variety of refreshments, candy, and more filling menu items.

We have some great deals going on this summer, so be sure to check out our skating coupons before you come.  You’ll find everything from discounted admission to a family package to a free ring pop. And don’t forget to celebrate the new school year here at InterSkate with our Back to School All Night Skate on September 14th. Admission is just $20 and includes 1 hot dog and regular drink, a scavenger hunt, games, prizes, and lots of fun! To get the latest announcements on our events and special offers, follow us on Facebook.


Roller Skating Workout: Tone Your Legs

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north Texas roller skatingWe’ve mentioned the many health benefits of roller skating before, but do you know how to get the most out of your roller skating? Here are some tips for a roller skating workout that will help you tone your legs, build muscle, and improve balance. Come on out to InterSkate Roller Rink in Lewisville for the most fun workout you’ve ever had!

Roller Skating Leg Workout

Do squats while you skate. From full speed, extend your hands in front of you, with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend at the knees to get into a squatting position, and repeat a few times before building up speed again. After a set of 15-20, take a 2-minute skate break before starting again. Three sets of squats makes for a great workout for your thighs, hips, quads, and glutes.

Using ankle weights is another way to combine skating for fun with skating for exercise. The extra weight on your ankles will force you to use more effort in your quadriceps to lift the skates. To get the hang of it, start with 2 pound weights, then work your way up to 5 pounds, but remember to limit your weight usage to 3 days a week to avoid overuse injuries.

Remember to watch out for other skaters, warm up before working out, and have fun! To see our regular skate sessions, special events, and classes check out our skate schedule. You can also follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our events and deals!

Photo by Steve Hardy via Flickr CC 2.0




3 Reasons Skating Should Be Your Next Family Outing

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family-skatingIt’s always a challenge to find something fun that the whole family will enjoy- that is, until you visit InterSkate Roller Rink! From Mom and Dad to teens and little ones, everyone is sure to enjoy an outing to the roller rink. If you live in Dallas, Carrollton, Flower Mound, Denton, Frisco, Farmers Branch, Lewisville, or elsewhere in North Texas, here are 3 reasons to come skate with us.

Roller skating is affordable.

Few activities give you as much value as roller skating, which definitely comes in handy for families who want to have fun while watching the budget! A trip to the movies can easily add up thanks to soaring ticket prices and expensive concessions. Contrast that with InterSkate, where regular admission is just $5 and we regularly feature discounts on admission and skate rental. Check out our Coupon page to find the latest deals.

It’s a party- and everyone is invited!

The ambiance of our Lewisville roller rink to virtually guaranteed to put you in a good mood. With a state-of-the-art sound system, awesome DJs, and a rink illuminated by 760 track lights and 9 mirror balls, there’s nothing like it. Come skate with us, get your groove on, and make some memories with family and friends!

Skating is great exercise.

More and more people these days live a sedentary lifestyle, and that’s causing a multitude of health problems for adults and kids alike. Instead of sitting in a movie theater or sitting around at home, get up and active! There are many health benefits of roller skating; it can help you build strength, burn calories, improve balance and coordination, and de-stress.

Next time your family is looking for something fun to do, we hope you’ll come skate with us at InterSkate!


Types of Roller Skates

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Vanilla speed skatesIf you’re used to just renting skates at the roller rink whenever you go skating, you may not have thought much about the different types of skates. However, once you’re ready to buy a pair of skates of your own, you’ll realize that there are many different options in both quad and inline skates. So which type of skate is right for you? Read on to learn the differences between different types of skates, and which ones will work best for you.

Recreational Skates

If you just want to do some leisurely skating at your local skating rink or outside in your neighborhood, choose a skate with a high-top boot. For indoor skating on a smooth roller rink floor, you’ll need harder, narrower wheels, while outdoor skating requires wider, softer (or grippier) wheels to accommodate rough surfaces. In order to ensure a great fit for your skates, visit a skate shop or shoe store to have your foot measured. Searching for closeout deals will help you get a great skate for a great price.

Speed Skates

Speed skates feature a low-cut boot with a strap across the instep, providing ankle support. Inline skates are a popular option, and the design lends itself to skating fast in a straight line. However, if you want a more general purpose skate that allows for speed but is still appropriate for session skating, quad roller skates are the way to go.

Artistic Skates

If you wish to do artistic skating, figure skating, freestyle skating, or dance skating, you’ll need to look for a skate that is extremely lightweight and has soft, grippy wheels. Artistic skating requires a rigid, tall boot in order to support the ankle when executing jumps. However, if you are dance skating, you will want a leather boot that is more flexible in the ankle.

If you are interested in buying your own roller skates, come visit us at InterSkate in Lewisville, TX! Our Skate Outlet is the largest retail skate shop in the world, and you can even shop online with us at Low Price Skates.

Photo: Vanilla Grape-Ade Quad Speed Skates