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Basic Roller Skating Moves: Learn to T-Stop

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roller skating techniqueWhether you’re completely new to roller skating or just want to brush up on your skills, we can help you learn to skate with style at our Lewisville roller skating classes. Once you learn some basic techniques, you’ll be able to really enjoy skating and even begin to experiment with more adventurous moves! Take a look at some tips for mastering one of the most important roller skating skills- stopping!

How to stop on roller skates

There are a few basic ways to stop your momentum on roller skates. You can always drop a toe, allowing the toe stop on the end of your skate to stop you, but this method is not recommended. Someone might rip over your extended ankle, injuring the other skater or yourself. Instead, beginning skaters should learn to T-stop. So how does this roller skating move work?

Learning to T-stop

One of the easiest stops to learn, the T-stop is as simple as the name implies. Here’s how to execute this move:

  • Start skating slowly straight ahead.
  • When you are ready to stop, shift your weight to one foot.
  • Lift the other foot and angling your toes outward, away from your body, so that the foot is perpendicular to your skating foot.
  • Lower the perpendicular foot onto the floor about a foot behind the weight-bearing foot, so that all 4 wheels are making contact with the ground. The drag will cause you to come to a stop.

To see this method in action, take a look at the video below.

Are you ready to improve your skating skills? Come visit us at our Lewisville, Texas skating rink to enjoy this healthy activity in an air-conditioned setting with great music, food, and fun!

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North Texas Private Skating Parties: Great for Any Occasion

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Lewisville and Frisco TX skate partiesIf you have a special occasion coming up, a private skating party is a great way to celebrate! From birthdays and bachelorette parties to family reunions and church events, our Lewisville skating rink is just the place to throw a party for groups small or large. We have private skate party packages to fit any budget, so take a look at our options and book your party today!

InterSkate Private Roller Skating Parties

Private Parties for Kids: Our private skating parties are a great option to make your child feel super special on his or her birthday! This $325 package includes admission and skate rental for 25 for an hour, and a free InterSkate t-shirt for the birthday person. You can bring in your own food, cake, table set up, and music, or make things easy and order CiCi’s Pizzas for $9 apiece. We can even provide a DJ to make sure your party is a hit.

Basic Private Skating Party: For only $375, treat up to 50 guests to an hour of fun at the skating rink. Just like the children’s private party package, you’ll be able to bring in your own food, table setup, and music, or take advantage of our DJ and CiCi’s Pizzas for only $9/each.

Adult Late Night Skating Package: This $500 package is the same as the Basic Private Skating Party, plus an extra hour of fun. The Adult Late Night Skating Party with Alcohol is $600, and only for guests 21+. Bring in your own beer, wine, or margarita machines! (No liquor allowed.)

Here at InterSkate we have extensive experience with all types of events, so give us a call if one of these private skating party packages doesn’t fit your event just right. We can help you plan and host a great skating event that you and your guests will always remember.


Learn to Roller Skate at Our Weekly Skate Lessons!

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roller skating lessons in North TexasRoller skating is one of those classic activities that everyone should try to learn. Much like riding a bike, skating is a fun physical activity that, once mastered, will stick with you for life. Of course, learning to skate is easier said than done, and even formerly experienced skaters can grow rusty from lack of practice. Fortunately, that’s where roller skating lessons come in!

Here at Interskate Roller Rink, we offer skating lessons every weekend. Join us at our Lewisville, Texas roller rink each Saturday for skating lessons that will benefit skaters of all ages and skill levels. Skating classes are only $3 including skates, and no registration is required; simply show up for class from 9-10am.

All skaters start out together in the beginner class and are promoted according to ability, so you can learn at your own pace. After progressing through levels 2, 3, and 4, skaters may graduate to the advanced class. The advanced class can help you take your moves to the next level, and takes place each Saturday at 8am.

We love sharing the joy of skating with those who visit our North Texas skating rink, and it’s especially fun to see skaters progress and improve their skills. Our skating classes have anywhere from 70 to 100 attendees a week, which means a lot of new skaters who are now able to join in on the fun of roller skating. If you’re interested in taking skating lessons near Dallas, we hope you’ll come! You can also check out our skating schedule to see classes, events, and other scheduled activities.

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3 Health Benefits of Roller Skating

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roller skate for fitnessRoller skating is a fun social activity for adults and kids alike, but that’s just the beginning. This timeless activity is also a great form of exercise that has many health benefits! Read on to find out how a trip to our Lewisville skating rink can help you get fit.

Aerobic workout without the joint stress

Rollerskating at speeds of 10 or more miles per hour provides an aerobic workout equal to running! However, while running can be hard on your joints, roller skating is low-impact, making it a better choice for people with joint injuries. Even a more leisurely skating pace can burn substantial calories in the course of an hour.

Strength-building benefits of roller skating

Did you know that your roller skating habit is actually building muscle? Holding yourself up and propelling yourself forward on skates engages the muscles of your core and lower body, as well as improving your balance.

Roller skating can help you lose weight

The endurance, aerobic, and muscle-toning effects of inline or quad roller skating can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight level. In fact, just 25 minutes of roller skating three times a week can burn up to 750 calories!

It’s obvious that roller skating is a great form of exercise, whether you are just starting to get active or are a dedicated athlete who wants to change up your routine. As an added bonus, skating with us at our Mid-Cities skating rink can even combine exercise with socializing if you bring your friends or book a party! And of course, being able to exercise without venturing out into the sweltering Texas heat is always a good thing.

If you are ready to start roller skating, visit Interskate Roller Rink today! Our Lewisville, Texas roller rink offers fun for the whole family, so check out our schedule to see times and special events. 

Photo by Simone Ramella via Flickr CC 2.0

Best Summer Activities for Kids in the DFW Mid-Cities

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summer roller skating in Lewisville  TXParents, your kids are out of school and you know what that means; “Mom, Dad, we’re BORED!” Your mission, whether or not you choose to accept it, is to keep your kids entertained and keep your sanity intact. And let’s face it, we’re talking summer in Texas, so not melting is high on the priority list.

Fortunately for those of us in the DFW Mid-Cities, there is a plethora of family-friendly activities to choose from that will get your kids active, creative, learning, and having fun. Take a look at our top picks for summer activities for kids in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Bonus: They’re all air-conditioned!

Roller skating– It’s easy to let the whole summer slip by with the kids camped out in front of the TV, but they (and you) will feel better if they get some physical activity. The sweltering summer temperatures make an afternoon at the playground too hot to handle, but you and your kids can get some great exercise and have fun by visiting your local skating rink!

At Interskate Roller Rink in Lewisville, Texas, we offer hours of air-conditioned entertainment for kids of all ages. With a beautiful wood skate floor and hundreds of festive lights, our Mid-Cities roller rink is definitely one of the most fun places to spend an afternoon. We also have a great skate shop where you can find all the best skates and accessories, as well as a snack bar you and your kids will love. Don’t forget to print our summer skate coupon and skate for just $3 through June 30th!

Summer reading programs- Many kids struggle with summer learning loss while they area out of school, and it can hold them back in the fall when classes resume. To help your kids keep their reading skills sharp and foster a love of books, sign them up for a summer reading program like the ones at the Lewisville Public Library or Dallas Public Libraries. Visit Libraries in Denton County to find other local programs.

Museums– Not only are museums usually blissfully cool in the summer, they’re also a great way to keep your kids entertained while sneaking in a little education. The Mid-Cities are replete with kid-friendly museums, including:

Creative activities– Do you ever feel like your child needs to unleash their inner Picasso, but you just can’t deal with the thought of cleaning up all that paint/glitter/glue/[insert messy art supply here]? Fortunately there are plenty of paint-your-own-pottery shops these days, like Color Me Mine in Flower Mound or Frisco. Painting, pottery, drawing, and other art classes are often available at your local Parks and Recreation department or through private arts organizations.

Want to take advantage of all that summer free time and throw a party for your family, friends, church group, or other organization? See our private party packages and contact us today! To stay up to date on our latest deals and events, head over to our event calendar and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.