Roller Skate Maintenance: How to Rotate Quad Skate Wheels

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rotate your quad skate wheelsRoller skates require regular maintenance to keep them working well and giving you the best performance. Here at InterSkate, we maintain our rental skates, but for those who like to bring their own, these tips should get you on the right track. Read on to learn how to rotate the wheels on your quad roller skates.

How to rotate quad skate wheels

  • First, gather your supplies. Don’t worry, all you need is a skate tool and an old rag- and your skates, of course!
  • Do a quick visual inspection of your wheels. It’s important to rotate them often so that they don’t get worn down too much in the same spots. Look at the wheels from the front and back, ensuring that they look even and symmetrical. Wheels start off looking square and will keep their shape relatively well if rotated often. However, if you see that one side is worn down substantially more, you will need to buy new wheels, or suffer lower performance while skating.
  • Using the round part of your skate tool, unscrew the axle nuts. After removing these nuts, you will be able to remove the wheels. Make sure not to lose the nuts, but don’t worry about which nut goes on which axle- they’re all the same size and should fit just fine.
  • Wipe the buildup and debris off the axles using your rag, creating a clean, smooth surface that will allow your wheels to turn freely. Oil, dust, dirt, and other debris can accumulate in your skates and impede the wheels from rolling smoothly. Especially if you skate often, you should make sure the axles are cleaned regularly.
  • Switch the wheels, keeping them on the same skate. The best method is to exchange the wheels in an X pattern- swapping the right front wheel with the left back wheel and the left front wheel with the right back wheel.
  • Replace the wheels on the axles. Make sure the front- usually the side with branding and a large indentation- is facing outward, while the flatter, plainer “back” side goes in.
  • After replacing the wheels, tighten the axle nuts. If you make them too tight, the wheels won’t roll; too loose, and you’re in for a wobbly ride. For the correct fit, tighten the nuts just to where the wheel can’t spin, then loosen by quarter-inch turns until the wheels can spin adequately.

Need help finding the right equipment or skate accessories? At our North Texas skating rink, we not only offer the area’s best roller skating experience; we’re also home to the largest retail roller skate shop in the world!

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How to Throw a Great Dallas Birthday Party

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throw a 70s roller disco birthday party in DallasLooking for a great Dallas birthday party venue? InterSkate is the perfect place to host a private birthday party that’s just as unforgettable as you! Here at our North Texas skating rink, we are the party experts. Read on to learn how to throw a birthday party that your friends will never forget.

Break the mold

A night out at a fancy restaurant or a pub crawl is a perfectly fine way to celebrate your birthday, but let’s be honest- you and your friends have been there, done that. Why not share an experience that won’t soon be forgotten? Besides being tons of fun, roller skating is also the perfect choice if your crowd loves a theme party- just have everyone show up in their 70’s finest, from polyester shirts to tube socks to gold lamé.

Get them dancing

A party’s just not a party without some great tunes. At InterSkate, we’ve got you covered with great DJs spinning songs that are sure to get the whole party out on the dance floor. Or if you prefer, we will even play your music!

Express yourself

At our private skate parties, you can truly be yourself. Your birthday is all about you, so let your personality shine through by putting some personal touches on the event. We allow you to bring in your own food and table set up, unlike some venues which force you to use their catering. Of course, we do have a great snack bar and you can always let us handle the food, with CiCi’s Pizzas for just $9 each.

Our Adult Late Night party package includes 2 hours of fun with admission and skate rental for 50 skaters- all for just $500. Additional hours are $150/hr, and extra guests are $10 each.

To book your Dallas birthday party or other private event, contact InterSkate today!

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3 Reasons to Join Us for Moms and Tots Skating

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kids skating in north TexasWe recently kicked off a great event here at our North Texas skating rink– Moms and Tots skating! We welcome moms, dads, grandparents and anyone else with small kids to come on out for a fun, laid-back event each Wednesday from 9 am to 11 am. Check out our top 3 reasons why you should bring your little ones to this great weekly skating event.

It’s a great workout

Skating is great exercise, and we welcome you to lace up your skates and get rolling with your stroller. Kids 6 and under can even bring their tricycles to ride around our expansive skating rink. There’s plenty of room for everyone to have fun on wheels!

You’ll make new friends

No matter how much you love your children, sometimes it’s nice to have some other grownups to talk to. Our Moms and Tots events are a great place to meet other parents of young kids here in the Lewisville, TX area and expand your social circle. Your kids will also have the opportunity to make new friends and let off some pent-up energy.

It’s affordable

There aren’t many fun activities you can do these days for under $5, but this skate event costs just $3!

We hope to see you at our next Moms and Tots event! Before you come, please remember to print and fill out this liability form. To stay up to date on the latest events, announcements, and deals from InterSkate, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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Roller Skating For Beginners

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roller skating in north TexasRoller skating can be a little intimidating at first. Not only are you trying to stay upright, but there are more skilled skaters zooming around you. Fortunately for north Texas residents who want to learn how to roller skate, InterSkate is the ideal skating rink!  Our north Texas skate center is great for beginners for three reasons:

2 Skating Rinks

Yes, you read that right. We actually have two skating rinks to cater to all skill levels. While we usually talk about our 80′ by 180′ maple rotunda skate floor that can accommodate over 1,000 skaters, we actually have another, smaller skating area as well. This small space is there to help new skaters get a little steadier on their feet before heading out to the main floor.

Dallas Roller Skating Classes

We also offer skate lessons for all ages and skill levels here at InterSkate! Every Saturday we have advanced skating classes at 8am and beginner classes at 9 am. No registration is necessary, and the skate classes cost just $3 including skate rental. Whether you want to learn the basics of roller skating, introduce your child to the sport, or hone your skate skills so you can bust a move with the best of them, our fun and laid-back classes are the perfect place to start.

World’s Largest Skate Shop

Having the right equipment can make all the difference when you’re learning to skate. In addition to our rental skates, we are also home to the world’s largest retail roller skate shop, where you can find a great pair of skates and everything you need to get started. Come let us fit your for skate boots to ensure a proper fit. We can also advise you on the best skate wheels and safety equipment to match your skill level, size, and other factors to ensure you get the very best roller skating experience at InterSkate and beyond.

Photo by flattop341 vis Flickr CC 2.0