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Roller Sports Considered for 2020 Olympics

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olympic ringsIt was announced in June that roller sports were among the eight contenders vying for a spot as a new event in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. This is exciting news considering ice skating has dominated the attention of fans for as long as many of us can remember. If you visit Interskatein Lewisville, Tx, on a regular basis, you are no stranger to the world of roller skating, but the world of roller sports may be a little foreign to you. So, what is it? Roller sports are governed by the Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS), and include (but not limited to) roller hockey, roller figure skating, speed skating and roller derby.

In order to fully understand all that roller sports encompasses, we need to explore each of its disciplines.

What are these disciplines?

  • Rink and inline hockey – This type of hockey follows many of the same ideas as ice hockey, just on roller skates.
  • Roller figure skating – This is very similar to traditional figure skating on ice. It has the same premise; individuals, or teams, compete in a show of artistic dance and choreographed displays of skill. Judges then score you based on form, neatness and creativity.
  • Speed skating – Like the name says, the name of the game here is to be the fastest skater.
  • Roller derby – This is a contact sport in which two teams consisting of five members skate around a track in the same direction. Matches are won by having a designated “jammer” lap members of the other team. The other 4 members of each team attempt to hinder each others jammer in the process.
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Skate Your Way to Good Health

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black roller skatesRoller skating is, of course, one of our favorite past times! We’ve had so many great times, here, at Interskate in Lewisville, TX, and the good memories are almost endless. Fun is not usually associated with fitness or exercise for many people. So, roller skating couldn’t be a great source of exercise, could it? Actually, it is! Roller skating is recommended by the American Heart Association as a great aerobic exercise. So, what are the actual benefits of rolling around the rink?

Here are 5 of the tops health benefits of roller skating!

  1. Even at a slower pace, when you skate at a steady pace, it can and will improve your cardio vascular health!
  2. If you are looking to shed some calories, there is no more fun way to do it! Roller skating can burn up to 600 calories in one hour!
  3. If you come to the skating rink on a regular basis, chances are, you are giving your muscles tremendous exercise! From your legs to your core, skating will make you strong!
  4. Your endurance will greatly improve when you skate on a regular basis. And the more times you skate, the longer you’ll be able to do it each session!
  5. The health benefits extend beyond just physical. Roller skating is a wonderful way to blow off some steam and destress after a long week of work or school.