Roller Skating Techniques: How to Jump

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roller skater jumping over conesRoller skating at InterSkate Roller Rink is not only good exercise, but also a fun way to hang out with friends. Once you’ve been skating for a while and have built up your confidence, you may want to learn some new moves!

Jumping is a great skill and is also an important move to know if you do other types of roller skating like roller derby or jam skating. Read on for some tips on trying this technique.

Just like regular jumping, jumping on roller skates is all about leveraging the power in your legs. The only difference is that instead of just landing on your feet, you also have to land on your feet while in motion! At first landing while rolling may be challenging, but eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

To jump, first bend your legs and lower your center of gravity while skating forward slowly. Next, try a small jump. When you land, it’s important that both skates touch the ground and that your feet are pointing in the correct direction so that you will land and roll instead of landing and spinning out or falling down. Once you are able to successfully land some small hops, you can start to push yourself, jumping higher or farther. Cones are a great way to practice jumping over things.

If you’re interested in improving your roller skating skills, we can help! Visit our Lewisville skating classes every Saturday here at InterSkate. Advanced classes run from 8-9 am, while beginner and intermediate level classes run from 9-10 am.

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Get Rolling With Dallas Roller Skating Lessons

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kids at north texas roller skating rinkDo you have fond memories of roller skating as a kid? Perhaps you’ve been to a roller derby bout and admired the tough-as-nails competitors careening around the rink. Or maybe you’ve been blown away by the amazing footwork of jam skaters on a Saturday night at your local skating rink. Whether you want to learn how to skate for fitness, sport, competition, or just for fun, we can help.

Join us here at InterSkate every Saturday for beginner, intermediate, and advanced roller skating lessons for all ages. Skating classes are only $3, including skate rental. You don’t even have to register; just show up!

Attendance usually ranges from 70 to 100 skaters, and everyone is able to learn at their own pace. The class sessions are:

  • 8 am-9 am (Advanced) Experienced skaters learn how to take their skills to the next level.
  • 9 am- 10 am (Beginner and Intermediate) All skaters start out in the beginner class and are promoted to subsequent levels 2, 3, and 4 as their skills progress.

Roller skating is a lifelong skill that provides fun, socialization, and exercise, so don’t miss out! Come skate with us at our weekly skating lessons and be sure to check our skating schedule for other fun activities and events.

Roller Skating Church Fundraisers

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young man and woman having funThere are some church fundraisers that are tried-and-true classics: Bake sales, barbecues, fairs, and car washes, just to name a few. But sometimes it takes something special to renew interest in a project and garner the support you need to accomplish your goals. When you need to throw a fundraiser that will stir excitement, consider a roller skating party!

At InterSkate, we are the party experts. Our North Texas skating rink has hosted innumerable events big and small, so we can take the stress out of your fundraiser and ensure that everyone has a great time. Private party packages allow you to bring in your own food and drinks, and you can even play your own music! If one of our packages doesn’t fit your needs, just give us a call to discuss a custom event.

Once your skating party is booked, you can look forward to fun and fellowship that people of all ages will enjoy. The colorful lights, the music, and the thrill of skating are sure to put attendees in a generous mood and build excitement for your cause. Don’t wait to book your fundraising skating event. Call InterSkate at 972-221-4667 to discuss our party packages and private event options.

We are located at 1408 South Business Highway 121 in Lewisville, Texas, convenient to Dallas, Frisco, Flower Mound, Denton, Farmers Branch, and Carrrollton. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest announcements and discounts!

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Getting to Know Your Skate Bearings

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Moto bearingsDo you love to roller skate? If you skate regularly at your local rink and want to be able to skate outdoors as well, buying and maintaining your own skates is a great idea. Here at InterSkate, not only do we offer indoor roller skating fun, but we’re also home to the world’s largest roller skating retail store! 

Knowing the parts of your skates is important to keeping them in good shape, and some of the most important parts are the bearings. Read on to learn the basics of roller skating bearings, and stop by the InterSkate Skate Outlet to buy new skate bearings, wheels, tools, and more.

What do skate bearings do?

Roller skate bearings are small metal or ceramic balls that allow your wheels to spin. The balls are held in a retainer, surrounded by the outer races and a shield. The axle passes through the central hole of the bearings. This diagram from Bones Bearings gives a good idea of how the setup works.

What kind of skate bearings should you buy?

  • Material- Roller skate bearings are made from steel and ceramic; the one you choose depends on your budget and needs. Steel bearings are the most affordable and durable, but can warp over time as the friction of your wheels heats up the metal. Ceramic bearings won’t expand over time and are much harder, but they are also more expensive. If you’re a beginning to intermediate skater, you’ll be fine with steel bearings.
  • ABEC Rating- The ABEC rating system is a scale developed for rating ball bearings for machinery, and thus does not give a complete picture of a bearing’s performance for skating. The higher the ABEC rating, the more precise the bearing is; however, at the speeds you will be skating, other factors like the wheels and axles make far more of a difference in the performance and speed of your skates.

Photo via Low Price Skates